Travel procedure

The Sir Roland Wilson Foundation Travel procedure is in accordance with the ANU Travel Procedure and Policy. All students should be familiar with the ANU Travel Policy and ANU Travel Procedure.

Each PhD scholar may apply for access to a travel budget of up to $40000. This stipend is available to scholars for the period that the scholarship is supported by the SRW Foundation. It is expected that each scholar will travel overseas at least once in that period of time. Any unspent travel stipend remains with the SRW Foundation, and is not payable to the scholar.

The program of travel is developed in consultation with the academic supervisor and the Foundation office.
The stipend is used to pay for airfares and other travel, accommodation, conference and course costs and any other related costs such as visas.
You are also provided with a travel grant for living expenses while overseas.

Travel Approval

The ANU Travel eForm is not linked to financial delegation to the SRW Foundation, therefore you will need to get ‘pre-approval’ from the SRW Office before completing the ANU Travel eForm.

  1. Complete the SRW Travel Proposal
  2. Submit the form to the SRW Foundation office
  3. You will then receive an email that will approve your travel proposal
  4. Complete the ANU Travel eForm
  5. When selecting Payment Type – always select Direct Payment to Supplier
  6. Under ‘Supporting Documentation’ please attach the email from the SRW Office that approves the expenditure for the trip
  7. Submit the ANU Travel eForm to the appropriate delegate
  8. Once approved, send a copy of the Travel Summary to the SRW Office


Where possible, please wait until your ANU Travel eForm has been approved by your appropriate delegate.
Please book all flights through Student Travel Australia at ANU.

Once confirmed, ask your Travel Agent at STA to forward the invoice to the SRW Office for payment.
The University has a ‘best fare of the day’ policy and students should not select more expensive fares in order to maximise personal benefits gained from a global travel program. Flexible fares may be purchased. Where ever possible, frequent flyer points should be redeemed for future business travel.
Additional flights that need to be purchased while overseas need to be approved by the SRW Office prior to purchase.


Accommodation should be reasonable and comfortable, and comparable to similar rates available in the vicinity of travel. As much as possible, accommodation should be booked and paid for prior to travel. Please arrange this with the SRW Office.
Additional accommodation that needs to be purchased while overseas need to be approved by the SRW Office prior to purchase.

Living Expenses

A per diem will be paid according to the ANU Travel Policy. A per diem may be paid for up to 50% of the appropriate rate as specified by the Australian Taxation Office. You may request less than this amount.
The per diem will be paid to students as a Travel Grant. It is very important that you budget your living expenses carefully in order to calculate the grant amount.
The Travel Grant will be paid to you in a lump sum, so you will need to update your bank account details on ISIS so a payment account can be set up with the ANU.


Reimbursements may be requested prior and after travel. All reimbursement requests need to be accompanied by receipts. Reimbursements may be requested for items such as visas, pre-approved additional travel and accommodation expenses.

Travel diaries

Travel Diaries must be completed for travel with more than 40% private travel. These must be submitted within 15 business days after return using the ANU Travel eForm.

Additional or unexpected travel changes

Another ANU Travel e-form will need to be completed if, whilst overseas on your approved travel, you need to make additional trips not covered on your original plan. This e-form will need to be completed, even if you are not requested any additional funds.
For example: You are based in London for 5 weeks to work with a research unit. During your visit, you are invited to present your work in a nearby country. You would then complete a new form that would just cover the trip to the other country.

You will need to recall your existing ANU Travel e-form from the delegate (there is an option to do this when you log into your existing form) if your original travels plan change. This form will then need to be re-approved by the delegate.
For example: You need to change your flights home due to family reasons, or you decide to extend your trip.

For any additional or unexpected travel changes, please also notify the SRW Office.

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