2016 Scholars

Joseph Chien_web

Joseph Chien

Supervisor: Professor Alan Welsh, ANU Mathematical Institute, ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Mentor: Mr Jonathan Palmer, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Joseph began his career in the APS as an ABS graduate in 2001. Prior to starting his PhD, Joseph was a director in the Methodology Division responsible for data integration, access and confidentiality methodology. Before joining the division, he spent three years in the Economics Directorate at the OECD working on global macro simulation models.

Josephs’s research is analysing complex labour market dynamics to better understand the micro drivers of productivity. He will combine semantic web and network analysis methods to study the connections between firms and employees and their impacts on productivity. Joseph hopes that his research will shed new insights on productivity drivers and help the Australian public service make better use administrative data.

 Owen Freestone_web

Owen Freestone

Supervisor: Professor Bob Breunig , Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Mentor: Mr Nigel Ray, Deputy Secretary, The Treasury

Owen Freestone has worked in the APS since 2004. Since 2010 he has managed various teams within the Macroeconomic Group at Treasury, responsible for providing advice on the Australian and Chinese economies.

Over this time, Owen has also undertaken significant further studies at ANU in areas relevant to his work at Treasury. He holds master degrees in economics and finance, having graduated from ANU’s economics honours program in 2006. Owen has also authored a number of research publications on economic topics such as Australian household saving behaviour and structural change in the Chinese economy.

Owen’s PHD research will be designed to uncover the dynamic impacts of the tax-transfer system on people’s labour market experiences using data from Australia’s key longitudinal household survey (HILDA). He also plans to assess the overall impact of the welfare system on the macroeconomy, and explore the impact of alternative tax-transfer policies on individual and aggregate outcomes.

Szabina Horvath_web

Szabina Horvath 

Supervisor: Associate Professor Rob McLaughlin, Centre for Military and Security Law, ANU College of Law

Mentor: Mr Mark Cunliffe, Department of Defence

Szabina Horvath joined the Directorate of Operations and International Law at the Department of Defence in 2009. Szabina has provided advice on detainee management issues, maritime operations, domestic implementation of international legal obligations, gender issues, interrogation doctrine, a range of other international humanitarian law issues, as well as human rights matters relevant to military operations. She has also worked for other Australian Government departments including the Attorney-General’s Department. Szabina has a specific interest in the interrelationship between international humanitarian law and international human rights law and the extraterritorial application of human rights obligations more generally, including the rationale for the differing international positions on this interrelationship and practical measures for moving the debate forward, particularly in the Australian context.

Szabina’s PhD research, based in the College of Law, will examine Australia’s extraterritorial human rights obligations. Specifically, the research will consider Australia’s human rights obligations when engaged in extraterritorial armed conflict and will reference other extraterritorial situations which may enliven Australia’s human rights obligations. The research will postulate on the means and mechanisms that could reasonably satisfy Australia’s human rights obligations extraterritorially.

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