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Travel and professional development protocols

These protocols provide guidance for Sir Roland Wilson and Pat Turner scholars on accessing funds for travel and professional development.

Professional development protocol

Professional development funds are available to PhD scholars completing the Sir Roland Wilson and Pat Turner scholarship programs.

PhD scholars can access up to $5,000 in the last year of their scholarship and the first year back in their agency for professional development activities. PhD scholars can access the fund to pay for activities that facilitate scholars’ return to service and enhance their effectiveness in the workplace.

To access the fund, scholars need to submit a Professional Development Proposal for approval by their agency supervisor or mentor.

Read more about the requirements for proposals in the Professional Development Protocol.

Travel protocol 

Scholars can access funds to support travel related to their scholarship. The type of travel available to scholars depends on their scholarship.

PhD scholars

Sir Roland Wilson and Pat Turner PhD scholars can access a $40,000 international travel fund as part of their scholarship.

While the fund is primarily to support international travel, if scholars need to complete a significant amount of domestic fieldwork, they can apply to use up to 25% of their international travel fund for domestic travel.

The Foundation will approve requests to undertake PhD travel. Scholars will need to submit an International Travel Proposal to the Foundation.

Read more about the requirements for proposals in the International Travel Protocol.

Masters scholars

Scholars completing a Masters program interstate will be supported to travel domestically to Canberra for Foundation events and activities, like the Annual Secretaries Dinner or Scholar Symposium.

The Foundation will contact scholars when domestic travel may be required. Scholars will need to complete a Domestic Travel Proposal before completing their trip.

Read more about the requirements for proposals in the Domestic Travel Protocol.


The Sir Roland Wilson Foundation is a partnership between The Australian National University, Charles Darwin University and the Australian Public Service.