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News & Impact

Image of Nu Nu Win
31 January 2024

Evidence demonstrates impact of diversity on APS careers

Powerful analysis provides evidence to help improve APS diversity.
Image of Sir Roland Wilson scholar Lynette Caruso
09 January 2024

Understanding the future of work

A combination of working from home and the office is a fact of life for many of us now – but that’s not to say it’s as good as it could be.
Image of 2023 Sir Roland Wilson Foundation prize winners
05 December 2023

Recognising outstanding contributions to academia and public policy

Sir Roland Wilson Foundation announces 2023 prize winners.
Image of The Australian National University
23 November 2023

2024 scholarship awardees

Sir Roland Wilson Foundation announces 2024 scholarship awardees.
Image of Sir Roland Wilson scholar Andrew Perusco
16 November 2023

Aiming for the end of tobacco

What would it take to achieve a tobacco endgame in Australia? Andrew Perusco hopes to find out.
Image of Rachel Wawra
07 November 2023

Transferable skills influence change

Sir Roland Wilson Pat Turner scholar Rachel Wawra will finish a Master of Professional Psychology this semester.
Image of 2023 Pat Turner Scholar Forum
07 September 2023

Strengthening connections

Sir Roland Wilson Pat Turner scholars and alumni gather to strengthen First Nations leadership in the Australian Public Service.
Image of Sir Roland Wilson Foundation prizes
05 September 2023

2023 prize nominations open

Nominate a Sir Roland Wilson or Pat Turner scholar for our annual prizes.
Image of Sir Roland Wilson scholar Lyndon Ang
22 August 2023

Filling the gaps in big data

Sir Roland Wilson scholar Lyndon Ang is seeking a way to make big data more reliable.
Image of people at a table
18 August 2023

Understanding wage inequality over the life cycle

When wage inequality is reported in the media, it is usually based on a single point-in-time snapshot.
Picture of hand holding a globe
21 June 2023

Keeping Australia safe in cyberspace

Sir Roland Wilson alumna Dr Melanie Broder is helping to keep Australia safe in cyberspace.
Picture of Nikolai Drahos
13 June 2023

Reducing methane emissions

Sir Roland Wilson scholar Nikolai Drahos is investigating the urgent global challenge of reducing methane emissions.
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