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Symposium zoom
22 July 2021

2021 Scholar Symposium

Last week all 37 current Sir Roland Wilson (SRW) and Pat Turner scholars gathered virtually with senior leaders from th

Christiane Gerblinger and the Australian House of Representatives - Canberra. (Credit: Lex Proimos Flickr)
15 July 2021

The language of the rebuffed: why is expert advice so easy for politicians to ignore?

Mid-year graduate Dr Christiane Gerblinger examines - Is there something about the way policy advisers communicate that makes their advice easy to ignore or misinterpret?
Child playing an educational computer game
09 July 2021

Staying ahead in global tech leadership

As US-China rivalry creates the prospect of competing technology ecosystems, practical measures will maintain an edge.
Kayannie Denigan
02 July 2021

Emerging artist, scholar and leader

Kayannie Denigan is full of surprises. Not only is she a public servant and a SRW Pat Turner scholar, she is also a talented artist.
Shane Johnson, Nathan Deutscher and Tristram Sainsbury.
25 June 2021

Three generations of scholars contribute to a powerful data asset – ALife

The remarkable ALife dataset has been developed by visionaries at the ATO, supported by ANU via three generations of SRW scholars from the Treasury.
SRW PhD scholar Anthony Cowley and his partner (Julianne Cowley – Australian Consul-General in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) inspect the view over the city.
21 May 2021

How do you conduct qualitative research when you can’t build rapport face- to-face?

COVID introduced a whole new set of challenges for qualitative researchers having to work remotely.
Siddharth Shirodkar
21 May 2021

Challenging unconscious bias to Indigenous entrepreneurship

Siddharth’s timely research on unconscious bias generated a national debate on the nature of racism.
Lee-Anne Daffy
21 May 2021

How to retain and develop Aboriginal Australian women in the APS

What are the factors that support the retention of Aboriginal Australian women who joined the APS through entry-level recruitment?
2021 SRW Prize Winners
04 May 2021

Leadership and community service – prize winners excel

Congratulations to the dual prize winners of the 2020 Sir Roland Wilson Prize – Melissa Hickey and Julian Widdup.
two faces silhouetted, with labyrinth pattern inside
27 April 2021

Are experts complicit in making their advice easy for politicians to ignore?

The language of the rebuffed: why is expert advice so easy for politicians to ignore?
Dr Nathan Deutscher speaking at the 2020 SRWF Secretaries Dinner
12 April 2021

Alumni Impact Highlight - Dr Nathan Deutscher

Nathan’s research explores intergenerational mobility and economic inequality over a person’s life course.
Dr Camille Goodman’s PhD focused on the nature and extent of coastal state jurisdiction over living resources in exclusive economic zones.
12 April 2021

Alumni Impact Highlight - Dr Camille Goodman

Camille’s research explores international fisheries law and State maritime jurisdiction in the Pacific region.
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