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How to plan your travel and professional development opportunities
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Symposium zoom
22 July 2021

2021 Scholar Symposium

Last week all 37 current Sir Roland Wilson (SRW) and Pat Turner scholars gathered virtually with senior leaders from th

Christiane Gerblinger and the Australian House of Representatives - Canberra. (Credit: Lex Proimos Flickr)
15 July 2021

The language of the rebuffed: why is expert advice so easy for politicians to ignore?

Mid-year graduate Dr Christiane Gerblinger examines - Is there something about the way policy advisers communicate that makes their advice easy to ignore or misinterpret?
Scholar Symposium
15 July 2021

2021 Scholar Symposium

The Scholar Symposium is an invitation-only two day event for Sir Roland Wilson and Pat Turner scholars, which focuses on pro

The Sir Roland Wilson Foundation is a partnership between The Australian National University, Charles Darwin University and the Australian Public Service.