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Cris Castro
SRW Pat Turner Scholarship Graduated 2022

Cris Castro

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Australian National University

Master of Leadership

After completing a double degree in economics and commerce, Cris entered the public service in 1999 and was later accepted into the 2000 graduate program. Cris’ public service career has included policy and program roles covering Indigenous employment and economic development, strategic policy roles, corporate governance roles, and in vocational education and training policy and legislation.

Cris is a descendant of the Stolen Generations. With a father removed from his mother in Meanjin (Brisbane) on Turrbal and Yuggera country, Cris was born and raised on Ngunnawal land. Growing up in Canberra with two parents who worked in public sector roles, some might say his pathway into the APS was predictable.

Cris’ Master of Leadership degree included specialisations in business administration, public policy and leadership. Through his studies, Cris explored how emerging organisational performance frameworks and leadership models can best be applied in the public service context, helping to ensure the APS retains its ongoing relevance to both the Government of the day and to the public it serves. Cris was the recipient of the Pat Turner Coursework Prize in 2020 and 2021.

Since returning to service, Cris has been promoted to Assistant Secretary in the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, responsible for driving efforts across DEWR to help Close the Gap.

Jennifer Chang
SRW Scholarship Graduated

Jennifer Chang

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Australian National University

PhD title: Labour Supply in China

Since starting as a graduate at the Treasury in 2004, Jennifer’s work experience has involved rigorous analysis of Asian economies, a deep understanding of the Australian economy and an appreciation of the importance of effective international economic engagement. In 2021 Jenny moved to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Jennifer’s study examines the dynamics of the Chinese labour market and links to an analysis of China’s broader economic growth prospects.  A deeper understanding of the Chinese economy is of critical policy relevance, with China’s overall growth trajectory of particular importance to Australia’s prosperity.

Associate Professor Jane Golley

Joseph Chien
SRW Scholarship Graduated 2021


Joseph Chien

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian National University

PhD title: Using administrative data to gain insights into microdrivers of productivity

Joseph has been at the APS for over 20 years and is currently the director of the Data Access and Confidentiality Methodology Unit (DACMU). Joseph's PhD research analysed administrative data to better understand the microdrivers of productivity.

His research interests include productivity analysis, network modelling, semantic web and synthetic data. Joseph is interested in advancing a synthetic data approach at the ABS to make its data more accessible for research while ensuring confidentiality of the providers.

Professor Alan Welsh
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