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Shane Johnson
SRW Scholarship Graduated


Shane Johnson

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Australian National University

PhD title: An analytical history of government debt financing and management.

Shane’s research interests include domestic and international tax policy and fiscal policy. His current research is focused on examining taxpayers’ understanding of, and responses to, the Australian taxation system. Shane hopes his research will provide insights for the future design, implementation and administration of the tax system.

Shane has also contributed his time and skills to the Australian Taxation Office to produce the Australian Longitudinal Individuals File, a 10 per cent sample of tax records available for researchers in academia and public service. He was also instrumental in helping produce the Australia’s Future Tax System review. Based on his research from that review, he has co-authored a paper with international expert, Peter Sorensen.

Professor Robert Breunig

Adina Jordan
SRW Pat Turner Scholarship Graduated 2022

Adina Jordan

Department of Social Services

Australian National University

Master of Public Policy

Adina joined the Public Service as a graduate in 1999, working in a range of offices across the Human Services and Social Services portfolios. She has worked in the Department of Social Services on family policy and in the department’s program performance reporting area. Adina has also worked across strategic, corporate and program areas in high level projects.

Adina will undertake a masters by coursework with a focus on public policy. In her study, Adina will consider the influence public policy has on complex policy systems, the trends shaping leaders and levers for guiding decision making and leadership. This study will enhance Adina’s previous study and broad work experience.

The Sir Roland Wilson Foundation is a partnership between The Australian National University, Charles Darwin University and the Australian Public Service.