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an image of Timothy Holt
SRW Pat Turner Scholarship 2022

Timothy Holt

Department of Finance

Australian National University

Master of Public Policy

Timothy joined the Australian Public Service in 2009 and has seen first-hand the importance of good policy and how it impacts the lives of Australians. He has a vested interest in discussions on social and Indigenous policy. Timothy brings to the table a unique perspective in relation to public policy that will have an impact on the people closest to him.

The Masters of Public Policy from ANU will provide Timothy with an understanding of the processes and challenges of agenda-setting, formulation, implementation, management and evaluation of public policy. Critically, the program will help him gain a deeper understanding of the issues that contribute to failures in public policy and the prerequisites of successful policy-making.

Szabina Horvath
SRW Scholarship 2016

Szabina Horvath

Department of Defence

Australian National University

PhD title: Satisfying Australia’s applicable human rights obligations during extra-territorial armed conflict.

Szabina Horvath joined the Directorate of Operations and International Law at the Department of Defence in 2009. Szabina has provided advice on detainee management issues, maritime operations, domestic implementation of international legal obligations, gender issues, interrogation doctrine, and a range of other international humanitarian law issues, as well as human rights matters relevant to military operations.

Szabina’s research will examine Australia’s extraterritorial human rights obligations. Specifically, the research will consider Australia’s human rights obligations when engaged in extraterritorial armed conflict, with reference to other extraterritorial situations which may enliven Australia’s human rights obligations. The research will postulate on the means and mechanisms that could reasonably satisfy Australia’s human rights obligations extraterritorially.

Professor Rob McLaughlin

Katrina Howe
SRW Scholarship 2020

Katrina Howe

Department of Health

Australian National University

PhD title: Understanding the challenges associated with ‘off-label’ prescribing and repurposing of older medicines currently on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods to inform future policy development.

Prior to joining the Department of Health in 2010, Katrina worked on clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies both nationally and internationally. Whilst working for government, she has helped patients with rare, life-threatening conditions to access effective treatments; improve the sustainability of future PBS drug supply via pricing reviews; increase patient access to new and expanded pharmacy programs and protect public health through the scheduling of medicines and poisons.

Katrina’s research aims to evaluate the impacts of current medicines policy, regulatory processes, prescriber behaviour and clinical guideline content on ‘off-label’ prescribing and the potential repurposing of medicines. Australian and international policy perspectives will be studied. Katrina will use a mixed-methods approach to investigate factors that influence decision making in order to inform future policy development.

Professor Emily Banks
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